A simple man of faith, living a not so simple life relying on Jesus for all things! As my savior says “whatsoever I ask of our Father in Heaven that He will do.” I do have to ask!

As a dyslexic child I had a hard time, but having to memorize how words look and hear how they sound all have made for a wonderfully powerful memory as I read complex contracts and insurance policies for a living. A serious injury on 10-26-20 ended working for $. I tried hard to keep going as I was helping others. I now spend my time praying and reading scriptures. A gift form the Holy Ghost! I am so very thankful for. I hope I can share some truths and you too can feel the Peace Jesus left for us!

“I leave you my peace. Not the peace of this world as in this world you will have troubles. But my peace I leave you. The peace that is beyond understanding I leave you my peace!” I am off a few words here but not bad from memory. 🙂

I also found Jesus at 8 and began fighting the nature of who I was. A lifelong fight it is.

If you decide to follow me and ask for my help. Here it is freely given.

Here I hope I can point to the Savior and help bring peace and joy in your life as you out Jesus first!

Grant W Davis

Grant W Davis