A simple man of faith, living a not so simple life relying on Jesus.

Over 4 decades of direct sales as a top 1%er, insurance broker.

I don’t “sell insurance”. I focus of the entire client, project or business and provide solutions to reduce risk.

Contractual transfers, hold harmless indemnity agreements and insurance are all part of it. But the focus is on setting things up to non of that is ever needed. Gaining my clients insurance cost reductions as I reduce risk.

As a paid consultant for construction defect litigation, I provide the strategy, and back bone on offense, or defense. I can play both ways, have and am currently. How can that be? I work for whomever is right, or I pass on the job. Simple as that.

GDBLU can be easily found with any google search using my name.

For me I Serve my Savior the same way I did when I did have to make a living. I focus In helping others. I have some very unique knowledge and skill sets I forged over the decades.

As a dyslexic child I had a hard time, but having to memorize how words look and hear how they sound all have made for a wonderfully powerful memory as I read complex contracts and insurance policies.

I also found Jesus at 8 and began fighting the nature of who I was. A lifelong fight it is.

For most of my career I quickly wired into the top of all sales professionals, as well as income producers. I didn’t know it at the time other than the trips and rewards I simply had to.

Frankly the worst way to judge another person that I can imagine is money. I will share that it isn’t the accomplishment that matters. It is the caring about others that mattered the most and still does.

If you decide to follow me and ask for my help. Here it is freely given.

I am also a paid insurance consultant and expert witness. That’s on another site. Not here. Freely I have been given so freely I give.

Here I hope I can point to the Savior and help bring peace and joy in your life as you out Jesus first!

Grant W Davis