Peace in a busy day

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The theme is finding peace in your day. Even when everything is great I still worry. Yet a peaceful place is key to staying at peace and being able to pray out loud “speak to our savior” have a conversation for an hour changes your life and as you will see I intertwine this with our work which is always helping others. 🙂

GDBLU says so!

If you don’t give up you can never fail. Jesus taught us that. We fail and then repent and get up and go again and fall and repent and go again. We don’t give up. And won’t at anything else we desire to achieve.


Having a Peaceful Retreat is Key for anyone working a half day or more. Ie. 12 hours or more it’s a must also as I am almost 60 now I find I need it more even though my day maybe fewer hours I accomplish more and remain centered in Jesus.


Old Church’s Always Remind Me of a Great Scripture

I found these two church’s in Pacific Grove.

John 17:20

Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word;

As Jesus prayed for his apostles he gave them great blessings and power as He said he goes to be with the Father so whatever you ask in His name He will do it. Faith of course is the key that unlocks the powers of Heaven in your life.

This verse then blesses us all that believe on the words of his apostles these same blessings.

There are other verse in the scriptures that come to mind.

Such as how blessed are they that seeing believe Jesus is the son of God. But how more blessed are they that have not seen Him and believe. Aka the rest of us! Love, peace & Jesus !

Pacifica Grove Ca GDBLU
Pacific Grove Ca. GDBLU


Personal Growth

I will use videos to share my thoughts. I am dyslexic, as you will quickly be able to tell. While writing is difficult for me, it has never stopped me. Let me explain how you can be “happily you” and succeed in your life!

Life changes once you change your mind. Somewhere over the years of reading, cassette tape courses, audio and seminars one thing is clear.

“I become what I think about”. One big thing that is actually one small thing is I went from weighing 305 to 175 (which was too skinny for me)… so now happy at 200 to 205. “Intention and Visualization” are all tools of “faith” in Jesus which brings me to prayer. Praying is not about getting Jesus to agree with me and do things my way… prayer is about my coming to understand Jesus’s will for my life. Once I know what Jesus wants then its time to take action and exercise faith.