The Only Two Influences in This World #hearhim

There is Satan, and there is the Holy Ghost.

Simple. “he that has the spirit of contention, is not of my fold” says Jesus. Anger, hate, unacceptance, bullying and anything cruel or evil, or that drives you away from Jesus is of Satan.

While, peace, love, patients, kindness, knowledge of Jesus, the gospel of Jesus is all of the Holy Ghost.

In Matthew 25 we find the parable of the goats and the sheep. Jesus tells us what we do for others is the same as doing it to Him. “whatsoever you do to the least of these they brothers thou does unto me”

How does it feel when the Holy Ghost tells you something? It comes in many ways. But it always follows the simple two step test I just shared. Anything that is enticing you to do good, and become closer to our Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus is from the Holy Ghost. Sometimes we may pray and a scripture we read years ago comes to mind. If you notice it isn’t a “random” scripture. Rather it is specific to the prayer you just asked. Other times a person may say something to you, which answers your prayers.

My personal favorite times with the Holy Ghost are really hard to articulate using just words. Here goes my attempt:

I will pray “until”. I pray out loud alone. I pray “until” I feel a quiet, peaceful, feeling of warmth in my heart. I can see a white room, empty of sight, sound and feeling. A blank canvas as it were. Almost a place of emptiness. Then comes a clear voice. Not loud, but not quite.

Just crystle clear. No background thoughts or white noise. When I hear the voice I also feel the voice as much as I hear it. If you and I spoke, we would talk, and you can tell me something very spiritual and I will feel a peaceful loving feeling. Such as “Your sins are forgiven you”. for most this causes a feeling of love and even a tear to fall. Words with feelings. Then I have noticed that somethings I hear just once, and other things, usually things requiring action on my part I will hear 3 times. I am unsure of the significance of the number 3. But I have dreamed dreams where I have been told the same thing three times. As well as when awake I have had the same experience.

Dreams from the Holy Ghost I have called Clear Dreams. They seem different from other dreams. First off I can remember them and all the detail. They aren’t vague, they are very clear. They tend to have to do with something I am asking about, or studying.

I recall that Jesus said he has not saved everyone. Jesus says he has saved all those His father gave him. So for us to know or even hope that Jesus is the son of God is given to us that we are to be His. Then we add that no one can say Jesus is the son of God unless the Holy Ghost has testified of the truthfulness of it. I take this to be personal revelation. #hearHim is a good hashtag to share miracles we all experience.

Asking is another key. I found that I have to “ask” for what I want. I can’t expect our Father in heaven to just drop ideas on me. I need to ask specifically to understand something. Asking is a big key. Asking to know that you should do this rather than something else, Jesus responds.

Find peace today by drawing near to Jesus. He has promised “my peace I leave you, not the peace of the world, in the world you will have tribulation, but my peace I leave you”. If you consider a foundation of a simple home. The foundations of old were large rocks. Today cement reinforced with iron. When you put Jesus first He becomes your foundations and “undercurrent of peace” no matter the storm that is beating you up, or the winds blowing your foundation Jesus has promised you peace.

1840 German Bible Wonderful Artwork!

Just wanted to share. At times when I am stressed I have an album on my phone “peaceful photos”. I’ll turn to it and just look at the pictures.

I know Jesus and seeing Him always brings peace. If you look at my Facebook profile my personal one I have an album there with over 200 pictures. Feel free to grab them for yourself. Anxiety runs from our savior!

I hope you like them. I think they are really detailed. Hand drawn!

Also I am starting with a bit of a prompt. In todays world the only thing we can do is get as close to Jesus as we can. #hearhim has lots of wonderful videos etc.

Peace, Love, Acceptance, forgiveness these things are of Jesus. But “he” that has the spirit of contention is of Satan as Jesus has nothing to do with contention! #HearHim

I know Jesus and seeing Him always brings peace.  If you look at my Facebook profile my personal one I have an album there with over 200 pictures.  Feel free to grab them for yourself.   Anxiety runs from our savior!

Short and to the point

Dear Father in Heaven. Thank you for everything wonderful in my life. Thank you for all the pain in my life as I know you are making me into the man you want me to be. (Please remind me of this all the time).

I need help remembering all things work for the good of those that love Jesus! Sometimes being sad is just ok. Sometimes I need help to break the sad cycle as I refer to it. Today I ask my Father in Heaven for help! In Jesus name.

Now comes faith! I know that Jesus lives and paid the price for me. He descended below all things and He ascended a above all things so Jesus can meet me wherever I am. In faith I thank you Father for answering my prayers as soon as I asked!

One key is we all need to “ask” God for what we would like Him to help with!

I found an old bible at an antique store. To my great amazement it is full of wonderfully detailed art! Taking pictures of the pages with my iPhone brings the detail to life! About 26 or so pages of pictures all of this detail and quality!

Remember to “ask” our Father in heaven for help today in the name of His Son Jesus! I promise as you go to bed this evening and think to pray God will touch your mind that you will see His hand in your life today!

Just for today, the Holy Ghost will dwell inside my heart!

I had heard a talk last Oct on the Holy Ghost. The simple concept was that the Holy Ghost doesn’t need to leave you. It can come and stay 24/7 allowing you to walk in this world with peace and joy no matter what is happening! “In the world but not of the world”. A fully devoted disciple of Jesus.

We all have something. I like the statement “if it wasn’t this is would be something else”. Isn’t that true! So a reminder to be kind to others as they to are going through something, about to or just finished but they are in pain just like you and I.

How can we keep the Holy Ghost with us? To start with “ask” Jesus what you / I need to do? What sins can I repent of and what should I do?

For me the answer was study “My word” and “pray contently”. Then came the little things to correct.

I have noticed in just over a month now that I can feel the Holy Ghost with me and can really feel it when he exits. When my temper flairs, or I watch something beneath God’s standards.

I read on my iPhone and highlight and make notes as it tracks the scriptures. Automation actually helps for a change. Then it is choosing good, better or best activity / things. Watching the King of Queens is good, talking to my wife is better. Talking to Jesus is best!

Seeking to have the Holly Ghost with me 24/7 is one of those simple “one step goals”. Meaning I can focus on this single item and it carry’s with it all the little things I need to do to achieve the goal.

In the last month I set up a study plan. To read all the scriptures by the end of the year.


We want to be like Jesus?

A man of sorrows accustom to grief. His time in the garden of Gethsemane then onto the cross.

“Father forgive them for they no not what they do” while he is suffering before the event is over He is forgiving those causing such pain.

It’s hard. It’s hard to forgive ourselves. Forgiving others is actually become easy for me. It is actually for me not them. Why would I want to carry the pain of anger around with me caused by someone that hurt me ?

That’s something to really think about. The person that harmed you now controls your emotions? But!!!!

If you just forgive them then your emotions are in your control not theirs.

Then we have the scriptures Jesus says “I will forgive whom I will, but of you it is required to forgive everyone”

Then we come to ourselves. Why is it easier to forgive others than it is to forgive yourself?

First of course you have to be self aware. Knowing you / I am not perfect and I cause harm to others.

Then I need to stop it! Ask for forgiveness and change my habit or actions.

Realizing my life is my fault. I created all the good and bad. No one did anything to me ever. They just played out their part in my vision of my life. But I caused and created it when I decide to go and do whatever I did.

It is very freeing to not be a victim! You are in control!

The Phantom Thread of Your Life Becomes The Iron Rod!

The Iron Rod is the word of God as we find in scriptures and all that is true. As we find our selves holding the tread of our life, and stay on its path it will bring us to the Iron Rod. Where we will become Disciples of our Savior.

As we grasp on and learn of Him we will be blesses as we will be on the path He created for our life;

Some may call it a state of “flow”, others my brother Eric will call it the “full move” I just to call it “throwing 7’s” when I was dialed in. Today I call it living the Gospel of my Savior Jesus, and having the Holy Ghost Confirm and comfort me so I can feel I am on my tread.

I don’t really like the term Phantom Thread. If you can find a great word to replace “phantom” with that describes a spiritual thread of life we each have and are to find and try to stay on please let me know in the comments… Thanks GDBLU

Old Church’s Always Remind Me of a Great Scripture

I found these two church’s in Pacific Grove.

John 17:20

Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word;

As Jesus prayed for his apostles he gave them great blessings and power as He said he goes to be with the Father so whatever you ask in His name He will do it. Faith of course is the key that unlocks the powers of Heaven in your life.

This verse then blesses us all that believe on the words of his apostles these same blessings.

There are other verse in the scriptures that come to mind.

Such as how blessed are they that seeing believe Jesus is the son of God. But how more blessed are they that have not seen Him and believe. Aka the rest of us! Love, peace & Jesus !

Pacifica Grove Ca GDBLU
Pacific Grove Ca. GDBLU


GDBLU was what I was called all my life. Grant W Davis Jr, so GW it was.

this is a simple blog I hope will mostly be video based on topics of faith, manifesting miracles, insurance, sales, risk management and finance success.

I am using GDBLU and GW as I don’t have much SEO with those names at all. My name has a lot with GDI and I hundreds of pages which will distract you from what I hope to help you with here.

I have been an insurance broker for 40 years now. Even thou I can’t read or spell a single word as I am Dyslectic, memorization had become a rich unexpected blessing in my early 20’s.

I can still remember the first insurance policies I read in my training. I am very close to being able to see them. This gift of Dyslexia helped me to be in the top 1% of insurance sales people by my 5th year. So I have had many years at the top I will share with you. It has also helped me create sales systems and proposal systems in very easy ways to understand. This helped my clients by helping them understand their insurance for the first time

Why will I use video? As you can tell I don’t write well. If spell check cant find the word quickly I usually have to ask for help.

Why would you want to follow my blog? Because I don’t fail. I have had to start over more times than most, I don’t understand things when I first learn them, but then end up mastering them as I don’t give up. A key point. you can never fail if you never give up. For most your struggles wont me the same as mine. But at the same time your struggles will be the same as mine, just manifesting themselves differently. I can teach you how to spot them and overcome them as well.

  • Insurance is important to everyone. I will teach you about every type of insurance there is.
  • Sales is important to everyone even if you are not in direct sales, you present yourself everyday.
  • Faith, is key. You may of read books like the Secret, or others like it, I’ll show you how to make them work
  • Jesus, the center of my life provides peace in every storm. I’ll share the pain of the storm so you will understand peace

Thanks for following me, G.W. Davis