Salesmanship, on Centers of Influence

Great Centers of Influences are also Great Influences;

My concern is that a good salesmen can and will lead you down their path no matter what your resolve is.

I want to point out that the best centers of influence are typically outstanding sales professionals in their own right.  They tend to not follow, rather they tend to lead.

The key to developing high end Centers of Influences that can and will send you clients is of course to make sure you give them more than they give you.  It is called Reciprocity*** and developing it is key to developing good CI’s… 

But that said a great sales professional can take a very committed and high end insurance broker / producer and spin them on their ear!  You have heard the old saying, “If you hang out at the barber shop sooner or later you are going to get a haircut!”

If you hang out with highly motivate top performers in other fields, and they see that you are a top performer they will want you to join their company, or organization.  By the way the only way you will be hanging out with top performers in other industries is because you are their cousin, or other relationship, or you are a top performer in your own industry.  Keep in mind in business many top performers are naturally so.  They will naturally gravitate toward other top performers and over time will make small offers that will lead you to their outcome. 

So it is vital that you have your boots strapped on tight, and are clear about your offer to help, and what you expect in return.  If you show interest in their offers, and working with them, you will lose your offer and they will begin focusing on convincing you to join them, and be part of their efforts.  They also wont refer you much if any business.  As you have shown weakness in your resolve, your offer is now weak, as is your commitment.  Although a great CI will over look all this if you join them, (which is their intent).. They won’t consider you a viable source to refer their clients too.  That you have lost.

So keep in mind that great centers of influence are also great influencers!   Your offer has to be to about helping that person leverage their activities and build their business.   Not about insurance, or any other product or service.  Rather about how that product or service will allow the Center of Influence to leverage you, and your offer to build their business.  This is key. 

As it is key to not be double minded, even if their business sounds better than the one you are in…   Keep in mind that a great center of influence is also a great influencer!  (I know I just said that twice in the same paragraph, but it is that important if you want referrals!)

*** Reciprocity,

1. A reciprocal state or relation.
2. Reciprocation; mutual exchange.
3. The relation or policy in commercial dealings between countries by which corresponding advantages or privileges are granted by each country to the citizens of the other
  1. A reciprocal condition or relationship.
  2. A mutual or cooperative interchange of favors or privileges, especially the exchange of rights or privileges of trade between nations.


GDBLU was what I was called all my life. Grant W Davis Jr, so GW it was.

this is a simple blog I hope will mostly be video based on topics of faith, manifesting miracles, insurance, sales, risk management and finance success.

I am using GDBLU and GW as I don’t have much SEO with those names at all. My name has a lot with GDI and I hundreds of pages which will distract you from what I hope to help you with here.

I have been an insurance broker for 40 years now. Even thou I can’t read or spell a single word as I am Dyslectic, memorization had become a rich unexpected blessing in my early 20’s.

I can still remember the first insurance policies I read in my training. I am very close to being able to see them. This gift of Dyslexia helped me to be in the top 1% of insurance sales people by my 5th year. So I have had many years at the top I will share with you. It has also helped me create sales systems and proposal systems in very easy ways to understand. This helped my clients by helping them understand their insurance for the first time

Why will I use video? As you can tell I don’t write well. If spell check cant find the word quickly I usually have to ask for help.

Why would you want to follow my blog? Because I don’t fail. I have had to start over more times than most, I don’t understand things when I first learn them, but then end up mastering them as I don’t give up. A key point. you can never fail if you never give up. For most your struggles wont me the same as mine. But at the same time your struggles will be the same as mine, just manifesting themselves differently. I can teach you how to spot them and overcome them as well.

  • Insurance is important to everyone. I will teach you about every type of insurance there is.
  • Sales is important to everyone even if you are not in direct sales, you present yourself everyday.
  • Faith, is key. You may of read books like the Secret, or others like it, I’ll show you how to make them work
  • Jesus, the center of my life provides peace in every storm. I’ll share the pain of the storm so you will understand peace

Thanks for following me, G.W. Davis