A Hundred Little Box’s

100 Little Box’s

I found this treasure at a local antique store. I had to buy it. I have nothing to put in it but think about what I could collect.

Then the darkness comes. I think of all these drawers of little boxes so neatly organized into a cabinet. They are there to hold my memories. You know the memories we are told to box up and put in a box on a shelf. The ones we never want to look at again so we put them away.

I then become sad as I think of the abuses of my childhood and the big box I have them in. Interestingly this cabinet has larger boxes in its lower drawers. I think of being dyslexic and being thought of a mentally retarded in about 1969 ish.

Sadness follows as I some how anchor my feelings I had boxed up and put away to this old box holding cabinet.

Then I think of the challenges of today. I notice that they are more painful and harder than the abuses of my childhood. Yet today they are challenges not abuses or some other victim titled item.

A challenge? Then a prayer. Jesus please strengthen my shoulders that I may handle the burdens placed upon them.

I noticed I didn’t ask for relief from the pain or for some miracle to make things better. I asked for the strength to bear the burdens placed upon my shoulders. Strength not salvation from an issue but strength.

I bought the cabinet! As I was sad and weak when I first thought of it holding the abuses. But now I feel stronger for them and Jesus strengthens me.

I’ll add the picture when it’s delivered. 🙂

Peace, love, acceptance, forgiveness and Jesus. 🙂 GDBLU

Peace, acceptance, Safety & Love

One of my favorite photographers is married to one of my favorite poets.

Steve Delaet takes the photo, that waits for his wife Diane Delaet to add her poetry to it.

For us mortals here we wait with just the feelings instilled in us by the photos of Peace, Acceptance, Safety and Love we feel at its viewing!

I have noticed Sometimes a photo is enough. Other times I need the poetry to capture the feeling.

We always need each other. Notice the beauty the contrast in color and shade creates. Imagine for just a moment is it was all one color or even multi colored but all one texture. What a loss that would be.

This is taken from the Hoppi House at the Enchantment Resort, Sedona Az Oct 2020.

A Note to a Friend

My Friend, It is our pleasure and a gift to be in your company last night!

I am a broken man. Humbled below the dirt. Many of children have broken me over these many years. Drugs surely is Satans tool these days.

Yet In my weakness I have turned to the Savior.

Had I remained uncorrected by Jesus I would have remained and been always that man that is now in chains inside me. As the scriptures tell us God corrects those He loves. Our father in heaven the. Surely loves us both!

I am blessed in my pain.

As I knew of Jesus just enough to find Him. Now I can say I “Knew of Jesus” but now I “know Jesus”

I actually also can say I have found joy in my sufferings and the weakness I love with. In my weakness and pain from that car accident last July he Constantin headaches and Los of use of some fingers physical pain and the mental anguish I have over some of my kids drug, cps and their anger at us.

I have become strong in my faith on Jesus. Stronger than I ever had thought or dreams I could be. Broken yet strong I Jesus. I wouldn’t have chosen this path on my own. Yet now on it I am thankful for the daily pain as it puts me in my knees where I belong.

I am sad more now that I have little chance or opportunity to use my faith. Again I believe it is meant to keep me humble. I remain ready and speak of Jesus to all I meet even a store clerk or new client. Idk maybe that is my calling?

So thanks for going with us to dinner.

I it was great to learn about your business’s etc Seems we all have pain just manifesting itself in different ways.

But pain it is and pain is one of the greatest blessings and gifts we with pride could ever ask for as it puts us on our knees where we belong.

Luv u brother.

Peace, acceptance, humility, love for all and forgiveness for all! For everyone we meet, even as we meet ourselves the for us as Jesus wills it.

GDBLU’s Vision Board.

as you take a look at a vision board. The idea is to keep front and center the things that you want. The things that matter to you. For us we have our Savior at the center of our lives as He rightfully should be. Then I added the things that mattered and I wanted in my life. If you notice it is all family. Our children and grand children. (I need a bigger board) lol… But really what else matters. 100 years from now.. what matters?

This is a small part of my home office.. working from home is great… my office is 2 miles away… but I think I will stay working from home..

Love, peace, acceptance, forgiveness, Jesus from GDBLU to you. Be it so for you today.

If you don’t have love you cant give it!

If you are not at peace how can you help another be at peace?

If you don’t accept yourself, then how can you give acceptance to others. This is a big one.. as bully’s are created here. If someone cant accept themselves they hate others that are different than they are… Hate comes from this one.

Forgiveness! just let it go. is it really that big of a deal? If you accept Jesus and you are forgiven for what you have done.. then it is vital to forgive others as well…

Jesus. “I give you my peace, in this world you will have tribulation… but my peace I give you..

Keep in mind if you want to be like Jesus…. Jesus was a man of sorrows, accustom to grief. He wen to a garden and descended below everything and bleed from every pour, and Jesus “God” said the pain of our sins caused even He, God to tremble n pain! then onto his cross. We all then will go through all this to the extent we can… and find peace and find Jesus…

A Masters Guide for Contractors, Developer and Sub contractors

When I’m asked what I do for a living here is a great example.

If you use indemnity and hold harmless agreements, have strict insurance requirements. Understanding and getting the proper additional insured forms as well as high to hire the right contractors

From a 1mil home, to a billion dollar mixed use develop ember to even diamond mines. I do virtually the same thing.

This is a training video. A master clas on indemnity and hold harmless agreements as well as auto oak insured forms by the proper number

For those that have an interest and qualify you will have an opportunity to work directly with me.

I will set up your next project so it is done int time, within budget and with our defect. If any part of that isn’t true if someone makes a Mistake we will have an insurance company fix it and cover the consequential damages.

Please consider that this is very basic to the few that understand this. The key or Phantom Thread as it were is to be able to understand the every insurance policy for construction is different. The wording of a Indemnity and hold harmless agreement must be exact. The proper Additional Insured forms by form number and revesion date must be exact. The intent is if something does go wrong insurance coverage will attach as you expect it to.

It is too comon for me to read “We shall be named as an additional insured” without the proper wording in the agreement to draw coverage, as well as not specifying which form number.

Please note this is just an example. My work. It was for a very specific us and project. A $250mil build and and now on going operations.

If this is of interest to you. I will invite you to a short webinar, and then see if you qualify to work directly with me. Please check back for that link here, as well as on the GDI blog site that contains this.

There are Superhumans Among Us.

From a Blog by Eric Davis, Edited a bit by GDBLU

Eric is my brother.

Below is a post he had done. I modified it a bit as brothers talk about wonderful things. I remember when Eric became a Seal, I remember how and why it all happened. I remember all that he had read, and internalized and how he used the tools given him. I remember how visualization and intention were mastered by Eric. I mean mastered.

I remember the day my younger brother became my elder brother. As Eric became “The Eric” the one Eric on the one Path Eric is meant to be one. He will call it a state of flow. I see him live in a state of flow. I to to have adapted that phrase for myself GDBLU seeks to live in his state of flow as he watches his brother Eric hold onto his “Iron Rod” Eric surpassed the Phantom Thread which GDBLU speaks of. there is a clear difference between “holding on by a Thread” and “Holding on by The Iron Rod”.

As you read my edits to Eric’s work I refer to a “Phantom thread” Which is where I find myself. Eric as you will read will help you and I find our threads that we should follow, then turn our threads into “the Iron Rod” and we shall become “the GDBLU” as you become “The Hero Of your Life” Someone has to be the hero! why not you?

As Eric is offering….. below…

Last week we talked about the fact there are Superhumans Among Us. They’re the people out there globally elevating personal and professional standards in ways that will continue to rob us of the very time, money, energy and creativity, that we all require to both discover as well as live out our purpose on this planet so that we can lead others to do the same.

Eric, offered up a solution to this, which was to join the ranks of these superhuman performers, but I also acknowledged that most people don’t believe, or probably better said is, forgot that they have the capacity to perform at such levels within them.

So, Eric, offered a test for such capacity and I offered to do it in a way that will not only begin to demystify the process of performing at superhuman levels, but Eric, will also show some of you where you’ve likely gotten stuck on your personal journey to such levels.

Now I consider this test… A Matter of Life or Death… …because if you’ve been seduced into trying to live a life that is too far beyond your situation and self (mentally, physically and / or financially) you could end up spending the rest of your life experiencing constant feelings of both frustration and inadequacy. And if you’ve been trapped into living a life that is too far below your situation and self (mentally, physically and / or financially) your life will reek of dissatisfaction and regret.

So whether you’re living in fantasy land or leisure land, the consequences to yourself and those around you are equally as bad because neither leads to an authentic life of purpose and passion. So to conduct this test I’m going to bring you into what is called… The Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey is an ancient pattern of narrative that was discovered and written about by an American scholar named Joseph Campbell. Now this pattern has become well known in the story telling world, but It was also a pattern that I immediately recognized as our own personal story. Each of us are becoming hero’s. The Phantom Thread (GDBLU) would like to add is this journey has a thread that passes through you to all scripture, and your true path in life. Struggles then are simply caused by seeking to step on or try to follow someone else’s Phantom Thread. Stress and anxiety and the state of “flow” we all seek simply comes by finding and following your personal Phantom Thread.

Not only did this pattern wake Eric up to the fact that I had become stuck in life, but it also revealed what I needed to do to become unstuck and Eric knows it will do the same for you.

You see. The reason this pattern is so widely used in storytelling and creating movies like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, the Matrix and so many others, is because us humans can deeply relate to it. We love and feel even in a move that state of flow the hero finds him or her self in as they grab on tight to their personal phantom thread. (GDBLU)

We deeply relate to it because it mirrors the real lives of those of us who are trying to do something or go somewhere beyond our current self and situation. Now the details of each journey might be a little different, but the fundamental phases, characters and sequences of challenges, triumphs and failures are universally shared by everyone with ambition.

Now one of the things that is always the same in every story is that they all have and start with a hero, in this case “You” are the hero your story starts with.

It is for that reason that you must start this test by first… Redefining & Self Identifying As a Hero And this is important because if you don’t self-identify as a hero, which is someone who causes things to happen, we have no other choice but to self-identify as a victim, which is someone who has things happen to them. (as children of God our Father we were created to act and not to be acted upon) GDBLU

As you now know. Or perhaps are about to find out. Good lives never just happen. They are always caused. The power of intention is widely written about. If we simply add the scriptures to the metiphisical thought that fails everyone, we have a thought to create on purpose with purpose and and holding to out personal Phantom Thread we move forward in that “state of flow”. Like a clear single note played perfectly on a gutar is how I first found it or identified the perfection I hold within be. I also then found that I am not complete as my single purpose has yet to simply become who I was created to be. part of me is attached to to my Savior, the key then seems to fully attach to the Phantom Thread and become whom I was created to be…

So traditionally we define a hero as someone who has gone out and risked everything to achieve great deeds on the behalf of others.

It is right here, at the very beginning, that most of us get disqualified. Seriously… how many of us are “achieving great deeds on the behalf of others”? GDBLU – Then what is lost is you have stepped off of your personal Phantom Thread that God made just for you. Peaceful, love, courage, strength, righteousness, and welding the sword of Righteousness in defense of the innocent.

We All want to achieve great things for ourselves, our egos, our pride, or at best to fulfill an obligation to avoid some sort of guilt; but to go out and risk everything to achieve something great so that we can give it over to others?

Now that’s a big step, a step onto your path, your personal Phantom Thread, but that’s where the first test and breakthrough is, and I don’t mean transforming from selfish to selfless, we’ve still got a bunch of dying to self and resurrecting to do before we can even talk about that one.

The breakthrough I’m referring to is… The Stepping You see. I eventually realized that a hero is NOT someone who HAS risked everything to achieve a great deed on the behalf of others, but is someone who is simply and intentionally STEPPING through a journey that can lead to such greatness. I realized that all I needed to do to become the hero in my own life was to simply commit to the next step no matter how small. Stepping onto your life’s path, your personal Phantom Thread is the only way to truly find happiness and fulfilment.

My brother Eric is a wonderful example as he experienced the same thing in SEAL training. Eric made it through because Eric believed that he was already a SEAL. GDBLU will add Eric Knew he was a Seal as Eric found himself on his personal Phantom Thread.

Every step Eric took Eric took with the power of intention as his phantom thread had brought to him, then His Thread Corrected the Meyiphisical “hope” into a prayerful intention for a good purpose and then as Eric did his humanly best, as any parent would do, Eric felt invincible in his task as he was on his Phantom Thread, and an invisible hand of help held him up and pressed him forward to him it was a natural state of flow, but the reality was Eric had tapped into the power of his purpose, his Phantom Thread leading to his Father, so while Eric did his best his Father held him up “by his righteous omnipotent hand”. Eric then experienced something most of us just dream of. Eric touched the vail, as he passed and Eric both confirmed that reality of his path, his Phantom Thread, as well as produced it.

I can remember looking down at my boots as I’d run and say to myself, those are my feet. Those are the feet of a SEAL running. You see. It was the belief that I was already a SEAL that gave me what I needed to become one.

And I know this sounds overly simplistic and even kind of child-like, because a single step is such a small commitment to make and easy action to take. But don’t all journeys and dreams start with a single and simple step? And here’s what will keep you up at night. Don’t we quit all journeys and dreams by simply not taking the next simple and small step?

Here’s your First Test. Can you believe your own promise to keep stepping? if you have at least that much faith in yourself, can you accept that it is that very small step that makes you the hero in your own life? And can you accept that as “The Hero” in your own life, you are now the cause of it?

You then are the author of all things to come? Only if you at least open to the idea of giving all that you’ve learned (Your Phantom Thread which touches all you have ever done, and leads to your personal path as a hero in your life. Then you can and will create the same to others?

If the answer was yes then… Welcome to the fringe! Eric [_] In my next paper I’ll start taking you through the very journey that I take members of Tribe 215 through. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of what is possible and begin to learn about the strategies, structures and habits that we use in the tribe.

Hold to the Iron Rod. It is your path and your happiness. Let Eric show you how to live in peace, righteousness, and without fear or anxiety .

Learn to Act instead of being Acted Upon. To this and for this were you created. Follow a master to lead you to your Iron Rod.

I have a few men I know that I can honestly say I want to be like them when I grow up. Eric is one of them. My Son Matt is another. My other children soon will be for that is (GDBLU’S) Mission and only purpose in life to save his loved ones. To be their hero

The Phantom Thread of Your Life Becomes The Iron Rod!

The Iron Rod is the word of God as we find in scriptures and all that is true. As we find our selves holding the tread of our life, and stay on its path it will bring us to the Iron Rod. Where we will become Disciples of our Savior.

As we grasp on and learn of Him we will be blesses as we will be on the path He created for our life;

Some may call it a state of “flow”, others my brother Eric will call it the “full move” I just to call it “throwing 7’s” when I was dialed in. Today I call it living the Gospel of my Savior Jesus, and having the Holy Ghost Confirm and comfort me so I can feel I am on my tread.

I don’t really like the term Phantom Thread. If you can find a great word to replace “phantom” with that describes a spiritual thread of life we each have and are to find and try to stay on please let me know in the comments… Thanks GDBLU

My Daughter Once Asked Me What Books She Should Read To Live A Successful Balanced Life.

Before I share with you my list to her I want to share what a blessing it was to have her even ask me. I have been hooked on self improvement books since I first read “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude”. I bought cassette tape series and read and went to seminars and all added upon each other until I discovered the simple common “Phantom Thread”. No matter how they presented it, they all could be summed up nicely by simply saying have faith in Jesus, Pray for Guidance, and then once on your path, Pray for Strength and you will arrive at Gods destination for you!!

The key is to notice the consistent theme in these key books. Faith. No matter if reading the Bible or a more metaphysical book such as the secret. What you focus on and believe is what you get.

“What you can conceive and believe you can achieve”. (From success thru a positive mental attitude)

“If you believe you can or you believe you can’t you are right in both cases”

Your dreams are different than other peoples dreams. That’s how you know you can do it! What you want to do is different than what I want to do! What is your burning desire? “It’s yours because God put that desire in you”. (If for a good purpose)

Faith: What you “believe” is constant. Without faith even Jesus limited himself to the miracles he did. Note: faith is a substance! Ie it is physical matter. Like our spirit is.

  1. Bible , start with books: John, acts, romans & James then cover to cover! Life long complete every 2 years
  2. Success through a positive mental attitude.
  3. Become a better you (Joel Osteen)
  4. Think and grow rich
  5. How to stop worrying and start living (dale carnage)
  6. Unlimited power (Anthony Robins)
  7. Influence (Robert Cialdini)
  8. Looking out for number 1 (ringler real estate from the 80’s) hard core business
  9. The power of positive thinking
  10. The power of intention. (Dr Wayne Dyer)
  11. The secret (good summary book of the concept. Add the Bible to this and complete) Ie. Focus on what you want, speak what you want, have faith “believe”

Other key books on faith and belief. Other scripture (all truth belongs to Jesus!). So math 2+2=4 is purest form of scripture!

A simple recognition that all that is good comes from Jesus and all that is bad comes from Satan. Is true of books and other studies. This simple note should be an entire book

So in the end these all have in common that you can chose your life and how you will live it.

Lisia asked her dad what books she should read. What a lovely pleasure it was to make this list and tell her why for each book. Here it is for you.