Day 1

Insurance cost reduction. Seems I come to realize I know two things enough to be worth listening to about.

1. Jesus. So very thankfully I know Jesus Since I was 8 years old at a Billy Graham crusade in S City ca the “cow palace” had an event. My dad took me and I went forward. Prayed with some people and signed up for study books to be sent to my house. I read them all and found some peace in them. (Not complete peace “some peace”). Still struggling for “that perfect day”

2. Insurance. Because of dyslexia I learned to memorize words. So I don’t read, write, spell etc like a “normal person” whatever or whoever that might be? Either way having dyslexia is a gift if you are lucky enough to find someone that understands it and they take the time to teach you how to use it. My grandfather was a teacher and knew People to help and they did. But really by my early 20’s is was apparent the curse of not being able to read and write became the blessing of a near photographic memory.

A gift I would add that Anton can develop if the “educated” educators get out of the way. It starts as most things worthwhile. It starts with admitting you don’t have all the answers. And everyone learns differently. Ie. No one size fits all approach to education!

Day one, I will begin by reading all the standard works.

  1. The Book of Mormon
  2. The Old Testament
  3. The new Testament
  4. The Pearl of Great Price
  5. The Book of Moses
  6. The Book of Abraham
  7. The Doctrine and Covenants

5-3-22 Updating.

I have prayerfully read all 7 items above, 2,603 pages. My life is forever changed, as through prayfull study I have found my Father in Heaven, His Son Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost, I know them and their personality, I attest that the author of all 7 of these works is the same. The gift of Dyslexia which I have, I memorize easily and feel the patterns, The Holy Ghost attests in my mind and heart our Savior is the Author of these 7 scriptures. Read for yourself and you will see as well. I am closer to them then I have been in my life.

As Jesus Said :

In this world we will have turmoil, but the peace of Jesus and His joy can remain in our hearts.

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