Just for today, the Holy Ghost will dwell inside my heart!

I had heard a talk last Oct on the Holy Ghost. The simple concept was that the Holy Ghost doesn’t need to leave you. It can come and stay 24/7 allowing you to walk in this world with peace and joy no matter what is happening! “In the world but not of the world”. A fully devoted disciple of Jesus.

We all have something. I like the statement “if it wasn’t this is would be something else”. Isn’t that true! So a reminder to be kind to others as they to are going through something, about to or just finished but they are in pain just like you and I.

How can we keep the Holy Ghost with us? To start with “ask” Jesus what you / I need to do? What sins can I repent of and what should I do?

For me the answer was study “My word” and “pray contently”. Then came the little things to correct.

I have noticed in just over a month now that I can feel the Holy Ghost with me and can really feel it when he exits. When my temper flairs, or I watch something beneath God’s standards.

I read on my iPhone and highlight and make notes as it tracks the scriptures. Automation actually helps for a change. Then it is choosing good, better or best activity / things. Watching the King of Queens is good, talking to my wife is better. Talking to Jesus is best!

Seeking to have the Holly Ghost with me 24/7 is one of those simple “one step goals”. Meaning I can focus on this single item and it carry’s with it all the little things I need to do to achieve the goal.

In the last month I set up a study plan. To read all the scriptures by the end of the year.

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