Answered Prayers

As I have read the scriptures my entire life over and over with the gift of dyslexia I have the gift of recalling them. Dyslexia for me means I can’t read or write. I have to memorize words by site and sound.

What does that have to do with answered prayers?

I have found that as I pray for anything or anyone if I am still and quite a scripture will come to mind. It just any scripture or some random meaningless for the issue scripture

But a scripture that answers the prayer. Jesus said to “ask” so many times I sometime forget it myself.

If there are but two influences in this world. Satan and the Holy Ghost. When the angels speak the words of Jesus to my heart as I pray then I know it is personal revelation from Jesus. Satan would never speak the words of Jesus

For Jesus has the words of life! When asked if “you will leave me also”. His apostles answered “Where for shall we go for only You have the words of life”

While many scriptures come to mind as I write this small post. They are all the words of Jesus confirming what I have just shared.

What shall you and I do then? Just prayerfully read the scriptures asking that they remain in our hearts to be used to answer our prayers.

This is what is meant by the term “living scriptures”

Peace, love, acceptance, forgiveness and happiness for all that have read these words. For you have not found these words by mistake. You have read them as the Holy Ghost has brought you here to tell you what Jesus would have you do!

I promise. 🙂

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