A Hundred Little Box’s

100 Little Box’s

I found this treasure at a local antique store. I had to buy it. I have nothing to put in it but think about what I could collect.

Then the darkness comes. I think of all these drawers of little boxes so neatly organized into a cabinet. They are there to hold my memories. You know the memories we are told to box up and put in a box on a shelf. The ones we never want to look at again so we put them away.

I then become sad as I think of the abuses of my childhood and the big box I have them in. Interestingly this cabinet has larger boxes in its lower drawers. I think of being dyslexic and being thought of a mentally retarded in about 1969 ish.

Sadness follows as I some how anchor my feelings I had boxed up and put away to this old box holding cabinet.

Then I think of the challenges of today. I notice that they are more painful and harder than the abuses of my childhood. Yet today they are challenges not abuses or some other victim titled item.

A challenge? Then a prayer. Jesus please strengthen my shoulders that I may handle the burdens placed upon them.

I noticed I didn’t ask for relief from the pain or for some miracle to make things better. I asked for the strength to bear the burdens placed upon my shoulders. Strength not salvation from an issue but strength.

I bought the cabinet! As I was sad and weak when I first thought of it holding the abuses. But now I feel stronger for them and Jesus strengthens me.

I’ll add the picture when it’s delivered. 🙂

Peace, love, acceptance, forgiveness and Jesus. 🙂 GDBLU

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