A Note to a Friend

My Friend, It is our pleasure and a gift to be in your company last night!

I am a broken man. Humbled below the dirt. Many of children have broken me over these many years. Drugs surely is Satans tool these days.

Yet In my weakness I have turned to the Savior.

Had I remained uncorrected by Jesus I would have remained and been always that man that is now in chains inside me. As the scriptures tell us God corrects those He loves. Our father in heaven the. Surely loves us both!

I am blessed in my pain.

As I knew of Jesus just enough to find Him. Now I can say I “Knew of Jesus” but now I “know Jesus”

I actually also can say I have found joy in my sufferings and the weakness I love with. In my weakness and pain from that car accident last July he Constantin headaches and Los of use of some fingers physical pain and the mental anguish I have over some of my kids drug, cps and their anger at us.

I have become strong in my faith on Jesus. Stronger than I ever had thought or dreams I could be. Broken yet strong I Jesus. I wouldn’t have chosen this path on my own. Yet now on it I am thankful for the daily pain as it puts me in my knees where I belong.

I am sad more now that I have little chance or opportunity to use my faith. Again I believe it is meant to keep me humble. I remain ready and speak of Jesus to all I meet even a store clerk or new client. Idk maybe that is my calling?

So thanks for going with us to dinner.

I it was great to learn about your business’s etc Seems we all have pain just manifesting itself in different ways.

But pain it is and pain is one of the greatest blessings and gifts we with pride could ever ask for as it puts us on our knees where we belong.

Luv u brother.

Peace, acceptance, humility, love for all and forgiveness for all! For everyone we meet, even as we meet ourselves the for us as Jesus wills it.

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