GDBLU’s Vision Board.

as you take a look at a vision board. The idea is to keep front and center the things that you want. The things that matter to you. For us we have our Savior at the center of our lives as He rightfully should be. Then I added the things that mattered and I wanted in my life. If you notice it is all family. Our children and grand children. (I need a bigger board) lol… But really what else matters. 100 years from now.. what matters?

This is a small part of my home office.. working from home is great… my office is 2 miles away… but I think I will stay working from home..

Love, peace, acceptance, forgiveness, Jesus from GDBLU to you. Be it so for you today.

If you don’t have love you cant give it!

If you are not at peace how can you help another be at peace?

If you don’t accept yourself, then how can you give acceptance to others. This is a big one.. as bully’s are created here. If someone cant accept themselves they hate others that are different than they are… Hate comes from this one.

Forgiveness! just let it go. is it really that big of a deal? If you accept Jesus and you are forgiven for what you have done.. then it is vital to forgive others as well…

Jesus. “I give you my peace, in this world you will have tribulation… but my peace I give you..

Keep in mind if you want to be like Jesus…. Jesus was a man of sorrows, accustom to grief. He wen to a garden and descended below everything and bleed from every pour, and Jesus “God” said the pain of our sins caused even He, God to tremble n pain! then onto his cross. We all then will go through all this to the extent we can… and find peace and find Jesus…

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