A Masters Guide for Contractors, Developer and Sub contractors

When I’m asked what I do for a living here is a great example.

If you use indemnity and hold harmless agreements, have strict insurance requirements. Understanding and getting the proper additional insured forms as well as high to hire the right contractors

From a 1mil home, to a billion dollar mixed use develop ember to even diamond mines. I do virtually the same thing.

This is a training video. A master clas on indemnity and hold harmless agreements as well as auto oak insured forms by the proper number

For those that have an interest and qualify you will have an opportunity to work directly with me.

I will set up your next project so it is done int time, within budget and with our defect. If any part of that isn’t true if someone makes a Mistake we will have an insurance company fix it and cover the consequential damages.

Please consider that this is very basic to the few that understand this. The key or Phantom Thread as it were is to be able to understand the every insurance policy for construction is different. The wording of a Indemnity and hold harmless agreement must be exact. The proper Additional Insured forms by form number and revesion date must be exact. The intent is if something does go wrong insurance coverage will attach as you expect it to.

It is too comon for me to read “We shall be named as an additional insured” without the proper wording in the agreement to draw coverage, as well as not specifying which form number.

Please note this is just an example. My work. It was for a very specific us and project. A $250mil build and and now on going operations.

If this is of interest to you. I will invite you to a short webinar, and then see if you qualify to work directly with me. Please check back for that link here, as well as on the GDI blog site that contains this.

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